Birth Edit

John Scarborough II is the son of Anne Smith and John Scarborough. He was born in 1638, 1644 or 1649. There are currently varying records regarding his birth year.

Marriage Edit

John married Sarah Ashby on February 23, 1662/1663 in St. Brides Church, Fleet Street, London, England.

Children Edit

John had one son, John Scarborough III.

Death Edit

John died in London, England in 1706.

Trivia Edit

Early in his life John spelled his name "Scarbrough."

John came to American in 1682 with his son John Scarborough III. In 1684 he returned to get his wife but she was not Quaker and would not leave England. John had bought 250 acres of land from William Penn in Bucks County Pennsylvania. When Sarah would not return with him to America he gave the money to his son John.